3-D modeling refers to the representation of a two-dimensional image through a process called 3-D rendering. This helps in planning out a project virtually with the exact scale and its characteristic features.




3-D modeling refers to the representation of a two-dimensional image through a process called 3-D rendering. This is done using computer simulation and the resultant three-dimensional representation of image, sketch, design, etc.

3-D Model uses various geometric entities in a three-dimensional space. Using computer-aided design 3-D modeling has achieved great success. This gives the exact representation of any project virtually.

3-D modeling is used in sectors such as industries, animation and gaming, architecture, interior designing, the fashion industry and many other sectors.

3D modelling in USA

2D Drawings

2D modelling in new york

2D drawings are trashed out these days with 3D becoming more popular. There are many places where 2D is still used and will be done in the future as well. This is also helpful in creating a design when you have a near deadline. You cannot create dynamic designs using 2D modeling.

2D modeling is used in making outlines, maps, and frameworks of a project. Taking the case of architecture, maps and the roadmap planning are all shown on a 2D map. The proper scale is set and these are all done using CAD. The 2D design is important in these kinds of plannings as these features are important for the basic framework. For the measurements and map planning 2D diagrams will always come in handy.

3D Models

In the same field i.e. Architecture, we use 3D modelling for designing purpose. Like working on both the external and internal looks of a building. These are the features that cannot be represented on a 2D plane. If done so, the details will not be clear to the client. Using 3D modeling we can display the exact representation of the work needed. 3D modeling is also used in designing products, machine designs, animations, and many other things.



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